More days away from death. Further thoughts on Christopher #Hitchens and others.

What Would Jesus Read? Christopher Hitchens.
Image by Capt. Joe Kickass via Flickr

Yes, still somber in the wake of the death of Christopher Hitchens this past Thursday. Since I’ve had cancer, I inevitably focus upon any other person diagnosed with the same type of cancer that I had, esophageal cancer. Now in this past week the two people that I knew of who were currently dealing with that particular type of cancer have died, one on Wednesday and Christopher Hitchens on Thursday.

[I might add in here that I myself had my regular quarterly check-up at my oncologist’s a week ago and everything is still fine and I don’t even have to have a scan  this year.]

All I can think of to do, and all I could think of to do before these two deaths, is to keep trying to take more days away from death than I was going to get otherwise.

I am also sitting here reading god is not great and feeling oddly soothed by it.