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My lifestyle


I was just browsing through the Lifestyle section of the Chrome Extensions library when it finally occurred to me to ask myself, Do I have a Lifestyle? One would normally think so, after all, since one is indeed alive. The two go together, don’t you think? However, I began to take note of just what it is that the people of Google have listed under their Lifestyle Extensions section: endless ways of gathering links to […]

Another part of the electronic world that I have left

electronic life

I had joined MyBlogLog to try it out, to contribute to the general notion of community that seems so temptingly marketed to all of us bloggers. After all, blogging is the wave of the (marketing) future, after all. All that a smart business-person needs to know is how to harness the energy of the “blogosphere.” Right. I write this blog because I’m an unguided, unthinking commodity. Nevertheless, we’ll go with the flow a little bit […]