Another part of the electronic world that I have left

I had joined MyBlogLog to try it out, to contribute to the general notion of community that seems so temptingly marketed to all of us bloggers. After all, blogging is the wave of the (marketing) future, after all. All that a smart business-person needs to know is how to harness the energy of the “blogosphere.” Right. I write this blog because I’m an unguided, unthinking commodity. Nevertheless, we’ll go with the flow a little bit longer.

I haven’t used the service in a very long time, but did not cancel it because I thought that it was harmless. MyBlogLog probably is still harmless, but it has definitely reached the point of being a nuisance with no positive benefits. I have received several emails from MBL saying that “so-and-so” is now following me, and to please go follow them in return. The trouble with all of these new-found followers is that they are all fledgeling web “entrepreneurs” who are hoping to get many followers to boost their Google standings. I don’t need to be somebody’s billboard, especially an unpaid one.

Hence, the vanishing of my account with MBL.

Perhaps winter is the time to get rid of useless things. In the past couple of days, this makes one mailing list and one “blog service” that I have tossed.

Now at least I will have more of a chance to write stuff for white pebble.

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