At the end of a long drive

Buck and I spent the past three days (since Tuesday morning) driving his car back from Boulder to Cincinnati. We arrived safe and sound, but with a good deal of dust and grit all over the car.

A good deal of the grit and dust comes from Kansas and eastern Colorado. I don’t remember the dust accumulating in Kansas, but there it is. I am not sure I remember much about Kansas, because it is, for the most part, more boring to drive through than people had told me.

We spent the night in Abilene. We left early Wednesday morning, and stopped by the Eisenhower Memorial Library. Buck, the big pacifist, had to see the boyhood home of one of our nation’s greatest warriors. Buck also reminded me that he was a Republican president, so there was Buck’s justification. But all we did at the memorial was literally to see it. The visitor center was opening late, and we had to leave to meet a friend in Lawrence, Kansas, where she is teaching a few seminars at UK, or KU, or however its initials go.

We all met at the hotel in Lawrence that was the focal point of the rampage of Quantrill’s Raiders. It turns out that Kansas was not always as boring as it appears to be now. Check the link to see why.

I have to go back to comforting the cats now. They missed me.

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