A book found last night

As I may have mentioned a few (dozen) times before, I always go to the kitchen for a snack or a glass of tea late at night, let the dog out for one last time, and glance through a book or two while the tea brews. Last night, my book of choice was Writing for Life, all about journal writing.

One of its recommendations is to write your journal out by hand, pen on paper, instead of electronically. I have independently arrived at the same decision. For one thing, my small paper journal is much easier to stuff into my purse and carry around than is my MacBook.

But there’s something about putting the words on paper by hand that connects me to them more than does typing them out on a keyboard. I’m not sure why this is, yet I’m going through it and going through with it. I’m using up a lot of ink these days.

Has anyone else noticed this?

One thought on “A book found last night

  1. I find that the physical movement of the pen across the paper is much more conducive to getting my thoughts and ideas organized than just typing on a keyboard.

    I don’t know if it’s the sound or the texture, or even the physical contact with the paper. I also think that with a keyboard, one is constrained to only words, and sometimes words are simply insufficient.

    This is especially true for the deeply personal stuff. Nothing beats a weekend at the lake with a notebook for that kind or writing.

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