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But where?


Yes, it’s the 18th and this is my very first post of the year. Post of the decade, actually. I believe that it is customary to apologize, but I don’t feel very apologetic. No, not snarky either. More of a what now type and time of questioning. This blog is an amazing time machine for myself. Also, there are the typical surprises: where I was, what I thought. Who I was. I don’t know if […]

Processes of writing

music / writing

Image by Tom Marcello via Flickr Two days ago, my friend Donna and I, as well as Other Patti, whom you might know from these pages and who is visiting me here and doing some work on our home (she’s an interior decorator, did I mention that? I think I might have, but am not sure) had lunch together at the Dushanbe Tea House here in Boulder. We got to talking about many things, one […]

A book found last night


As I may have mentioned a few (dozen) times before, I always go to the kitchen for a snack or a glass of tea late at night, let the dog out for one last time, and glance through a book or two while the tea brews. Last night, my book of choice was Writing for Life, all about journal writing. One of its recommendations is to write your journal out by hand, pen on paper, […]

Farewell: Leroy Sievers


Journalist, ‘My Cancer’ Blogger Leroy Sievers Dies : NPR Journalist Leroy Sievers, who covered wars, genocides and natural disasters in more than a dozen countries — and who chronicled life after his cancer diagnosis for NPR on-air and online — died Friday. He was 53. I just went to check on Leroy Sievers’ blog for the weekday-daily update, to find out that he passed away over the weekend. I never knew the man, but the […]

Sunday nite at the movies!


For movie night, we had I’m not There to watch, courtesy of Peter. This is a biography of Bob Dylan done by lots of actors most of whom don’t look like him, except for Cate Blanchett, who not only moves but looks like him. Now that’s spooky. Also excellent acting. Each version of Bob Dylan was played by a wildly disparate cast that included Heath Ledger and Hayden Christensen. None of those guys approached Cate […]



For a moment, I thought one particular file was named “Dream Journal.” Maybe I’ll be able to remember a dream tonight, though I usually don’t. I might be getting all of the endlessly traveling dreams some more. These involve me traveling to or being in places that I know perfectly well, like California or London or something like that, but the dream cities never resemble the actual cities.