The past week or so…


The weather here in Cincinnati has turned very dreary and extremely cold in the past couple of days. Well, it’s always dreary at this time of year, with all of us not expecting to see sunshine until the end of February. The cold, though, is unexpected, and, more importantly, coincided nicely with the complete mechanical breakdown of our boiler. We have a backup electric heat system, so we’re not freezing solid, but still…

Sneaking in on all of this meteorological awfulness, though, was the winter solstice a couple of days ago. I find it a relief to know that now the days are getting longer, even if I can’t perceive the new length yet.

Yet another tragedy balances all this out: the accidental death of a young woman during a Christmas performance at the local church that Other Patti and Our Friend Sally and I have been going to for a while. Details at We weren’t there to witness it, fortunately, and know nothing that’s not been in the papers, but it always makes you pause, when a senseless accident happens nearby.

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