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What looks like the cage’s exit is actually the bars of the cage. Excerpt From: David Foster Wallace. “Infinite Jest.” Little, Brown and Company, 2009-04-13. iBooks. This material may be protected by copyright. Check out this book on the iBookstore:


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Yes, I am reading it again: Infinite Jest. There are so many people and things in it that the sheer density of stuff has enough mass to affect my intellectual gravity field. There are also so many favorite quotes that I’m planning on wearing out one whole yellow pencil by the time that I reach the end of the book. Related articles Infinite Jest tour of Boston (

Reading now… possibilities


I dragged up my copy of Infinite Jest last night before going to bed. I suppose that I thought I would make some kind of headway into it at last, after more than a year of ignoring the poor thing. Now it sits on the radiator, staring at me. I left off reading the book last year after it was far more effective at making me feel the cultural emptiness that inhabits and surrounds all […]

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David Foster Wallace‘s writing is like a firework, always fading away. A.S. Byatt‘s writing has life in it. It is solid, and will happily last and live as long as is possible for a book to live. DFW’s Infinite Jest frightens me with the possibility always of its frivolity, its center of nothingness, despair, entertainment as a main goal in life and entertainment as ultimately empty and leading literally to death and decay and waste […]

I am reading too much


… and sleeping too little, I think. I am just realizing how daunting the list is. Infinite Jest (which you might have guessed already) The Shadow of the Wind The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society The Children’s Book (by A. S. Byatt, not in print over here yet until September) On the back burner: War and Peace The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance So, […]