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Finishing Eschaton

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Image by qousqous via Flickr I am still, as stated earlier, reading Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace. I have decided that it’s not a novel that I am continuing to read because I like it, though I do. I’ve given up on a lot of likeable novels. There is also the allure of actually finishing a “cool” and “important” novel, and therefore having a license to drone on about it to everyone within earshot. […]

Infinite Jest: How a book should work


Image by the queen of subtle via Flickr Ideally, in even a very large and sprawling novel, which David Foster Wallace‘s Infinite Jest certainly is, all the parts of the book are necessary to the whole. The sum of the whole is greater than the accumulation of its parts, etc. This is emphasized in the quote from Infinite Summer, below So yes, I am glad that I read footnote #24, and all of the rest […]

A very small milestone


With regard to Infinite Jest, I would like to announce that I have actually read all the way through footnote #24. This is a bigger deal than it sounds, if you have ever taken a look at that book. The book is almost 20% footnotes, written often in a dry, footnote-y tone. Sometimes they contain nothing more than “Ibid. page N” or somesuch. More than a few times, they spin off on their own, with […]

I read a very thick book.

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Image by \ Ryan via Flickr This is my first full day of being a member of the Infinite Jest book group. As such, I have done not only a lot of reading, but have begun to realize the size of the task that I have set myself. This thought makes perfect sense if you have just plowed through both the Erdedy and Wardine sections at the same sitting. The amount of voices in that […]

A summer's reading


Image via Wikipedia Following isĀ one of the (many) websites that I have found that have to do with David Foster Wallace, and also his most famous work, Infinite Jest. This is a book that is, to say the very least, sprawling. Also huge. One that demands careful attention at all times due to quick changes of voice and viewpoint. I am certain that I can’t describe the plot. There is, this summer, a massive literary […]