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What I've been nattering on about, in my own head.


Death and time and other sorts of things one only writes about at midnight or so. Was wise enough not to copy it all in here. So I listen to somber music on a sunny Saturday morning, when I should be fasting. Or, in my own case, just not eating all that much. Soon, Other Patti comes to drag me out to lunch. I mustn’t be morbid for her! Currently playing in iTunes: Atlas Eclipticalis […]

At last!


The mailman delivered the last Harry Potter a few hours ago, and I’ve already settled into it. I’m quite proud of myself: I kept away from spoilers, and my favorite bookstore’s midnight bash, and even my favorite restaurant at lunchtime today (It’s right smack next door to the bookstore). Therefore, opening the Harry Potter box was a proper literary fulfilment. I tried to enjoy the months of waiting, too. After all, nobody in the future […]

A list, not finished yet


Found this over at Alphecca: 01. Bought everyone in the bar a drink 02. Swam with wild dolphins 03. Climbed a mountain 04. Taken a Ferrari for a test drive 05. Been inside the Great Pyramid 06. Held a tarantula 07. Taken a candlelit bath with someone 08. Said “I love you” and meant it 09. Hugged a tree 10. Bungee jumped 11. Visited Paris 12. Watched a lightning storm at sea 13. Stayed up […]

In the middle of the night


Just like Balzac, here I am right after midnight, still writing away. Of course, Balzac had his own pot of coffee to keep him awake until dawn. I do not. I suppose I could, but it doesn’t sound appealing. Also, he was a much better writer than me. The house is quiet, and only the cats and I are still up. What’s your excuse for being up so late?

I am off!


I had planned to start writing at midnight, but fatigue took over and I went to bed. However, now I am up at the crack of dawnin the morning, typing away. There is great freedom in creation when you realize that the stuff you type doesn’t have to be particularly good. Hey Shirl, how’s it going up there in Michigan? Playing: Confused Images from the album “Danny the Dog” by Massive Attack