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Begin, tomorrow


Tomorrow (tonight at midnight, technically) begins the Nanowrimo process. I’ve signed up for it, as have Shirl and Lydia and great bunches of others. [Shirl and Lydia, I’m in the process of adding you two as writing buddies, so feel free to add me too! Same goes for anyone else. Over in Nanowrimo land, I am pwn.) I have a general notion of my book. Two notions of two books, actually, but I’ve definitely chosen […]

midnight, just past


They say that this is the second-to-last warm day we will have this year. Probably true. At least it was a perfect day. I couldn’t bring myself to get out of the sun, and soaked up the blue sky like a sponge. And now, all of a sudden, it is past midnight, the dog is asleep and the cats have disappeared. For various reasons, my heart lies open to the world. I sit with it, […]

I hate living in Cincinnati

Current Affairs

White Separatist’s TV Show Changes Channels, Timeslots – – ChannelCincinnati.com6:05 p.m. EST February 22, 2006A public access TV program has been moved from primetime to midnight after News 5 reported on the white supremacist agenda that its host was advocating. Insight Communications carried Robert Ransdell’s show on one of its cable channels in Northern Kentucky. He’s a member of the National Alliance and claims his program is protected as free speech. But since […]

The job of a poet

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So just how do you go about being a poet? Is it like a job you go to every day, from nine-to-five on the day shift, and collect a sort-of living wage? And then try to forget about it at night with TV and a beer? Because you can’t get back to sleep any other way. Or is it more like being a doctor in the ER with its bouts of the most furious efforts […]

Time and its implications


Okay, I am now officially time-disoriented. Due to the bad coughing fit last night, I slept all morning, after annoying the hell out of my husband around midnight while I was trying to get the humidifier set up and then blogging till I was sleepy. [Thanks, Ol’ Cranky, for the cough medicine tip. Gonna get dressed in a bit and head out to the drugstore.] Since time and space are irretrievably linked, and I’m disoriented […]

The Three Musketeers, revisited


After Buck and I saw Sideways this afternoon (great, loved it etc.), we stopped off at the bookstore at the mall before heading home… Barnes & Noble. They have their own line of classics that they put out (smart — don’t have to pay anyone for the rights, or remember to send out royalty checks), and I love to go through the tables of them. Like I said in Norm’s interview, I have a long […]

Midnight Mirage at the White House


Note: The following comment was left on an earlier posting, and I thought it wonderful enough to turn into a proper posting of its own. Midnight Mirage at the White House The New Year 2005 is here. The U.S. is in the midst of a brutal war, and Death-defying targets are on the horizon From Arab Moslem homicidal terrorism. Wake up! A voice called out. Wake up! What do you see? I see an alien […]