Monday in winter

… and the world is starting to look closed-up already. You know, everyone hunched over and hurrying outside, and those in cars with the attitude of “We ain’t gonna open these windows for anything.” No more joy in the open world, no leisurely strolls. And this evening, my son tells me, “Hey, in three years, Continue reading Monday in winter

Manhattan a.m.

This is such a beautiful morning, y’all should be up and out and about. That’s what I am, especially since I couldn’t sleep much past 4 or 5 or so. The air here in Manhattan is clear (!) and sunny. Down west 46th street is a large parade wagon, with 4 bulls waiting aimlessly in Continue reading Manhattan a.m.


My friends Chaya and Azriel needed to go to Yafo (now practically a suburb of Tel Aviv) today. In a few days, Chaya and Mordechai will move there, to an old red stucco house on the corner of a street a block from the ocean. As of today, the house is full of plaster dust, Continue reading Jaffa