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2 meetings this morning


The title means that I spent various meetings in my aspect of recovering cancer patient. I am a very classy, cool patient because Humphrey Bogart had it, and he is the ultimate of coolth. Therefor, this ultra-cool recently treated herself to two cancer meetings today, on right after another. One meeting was working on getting our cancer center to be recognized as a properly qualified center. The next meeting was about finding additional sources for […]

Rain again, again.


One notable thing about this particular vacation of ours here in Chautauqua is the rain and cold. I’ve never known Chautauqua to be an oven in the summer, but warm, definitely. And never quite so much rain. If I were paranoid, and a follower of a failed Democratic candidate for president, I’d think it was all my fault, somehow. I mean, I still drive a Volvo with a regular gas-eating, internal combustion engine. And what […]

Big news here — Cunningham's insults

Current Affairs

We’re used to Bill Cunningham’s over the top, Rush Limbaugh style of talk here in Cincinnati on his talk-radio show on WLW each day. But outsiders aren’t. Especially if those outsiders are about to get the Republican nomination for the presidency. My husband, Mister Political Aficionado, has known Bill Cunningham for years. He shakes his head and laughs because he knows Bill’s attitude and style. Buck laughs because he knows nobody can really prevent Bill […]

Talking points

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For reasons yet to be discovered, I got out of the house and down to the coffee house before nine o’clock this morning. I snuggled myself down into my usual place on the couch. I then found myself in the midst of a pack of Democrats. Mind you, these are my usual coffee house cohorts — the ones that are always hanging around, and whom you get to know simply by being in the same […]

The return of the Hippies


Via Michelle Malkin » The White Flag Democrats’ grand new scheme: A war “surtax” Nothing screams impotence louder than a desperate, last-ditch effort to tax the war on terror to death. Slowly, but ever so steadily, the left comes up with crazier and crazier notions. And here I’d thought Hippies were dead. Powered by ScribeFire.

Thought so…

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And of course the split happens within a minority, which is supposed to be a Democratic stronghold. Captain’s Quarters It didn’t take long for the first signs of disunity among the Democrats to appear, although it was fairly predictable.