So that's what was wrong with them…

Who Framed George Lakoff? – … which argues that liberals have clung to the false belief that people think in a conscious, logical, and unemotional manner and that this belief has doomed Democrats’ chances with voters.

2 meetings this morning

The title means that I spent various meetings in my aspect of recovering cancer patient. I am a very classy, cool patient because Humphrey Bogart had it, and he is the ultimate of coolth. Therefor, this ultra-cool recently treated herself to two cancer meetings today, on right after another. One meeting was working on getting Continue reading 2 meetings this morning

Rain again, again.

One notable thing about this particular vacation of ours here in Chautauqua is the rain and cold. I’ve never known Chautauqua to be an oven in the summer, but warm, definitely. And never quite so much rain. If I were paranoid, and a follower of a failed Democratic candidate for president, I’d think it was Continue reading Rain again, again.