Talking points

For reasons yet to be discovered, I got out of the house and down to the coffee house before nine o’clock this morning. I snuggled myself down into my usual place on the couch. I then found myself in the midst of a pack of Democrats. Mind you, these are my usual coffee house cohorts Continue reading Talking points

The return of the Hippies

Via Michelle Malkin » The White Flag Democrats’ grand new scheme: A war “surtax” Nothing screams impotence louder than a desperate, last-ditch effort to tax the war on terror to death. Slowly, but ever so steadily, the left comes up with crazier and crazier notions. And here I’d thought Hippies were dead. Powered by ScribeFire.

Thought so…

And of course the split happens within a minority, which is supposed to be a Democratic stronghold. Captain’s Quarters It didn’t take long for the first signs of disunity among the Democrats to appear, although it was fairly predictable.