Talking points

For reasons yet to be discovered, I got out of the house and down to the coffee house before nine o’clock this morning. I snuggled myself down into my usual place on the couch. I then found myself in the midst of a pack of Democrats.

Mind you, these are my usual coffee house cohorts — the ones that are always hanging around, and whom you get to know simply by being in the same place at the same time very often.

General trends of talk: some few bits about the Republican debate. They found it unsatisfactory in various ways. McCain, though, was the favorite of the bunch, failing only in his dedication to The War.

There have been so many “The Wars” that one is tempted to ask them to specify further, but one knows very well which “The War” they are talking about (i.e. Current one).

Bush failings, aside from everything to do with “The War”: science. Not just his dislike of evolution, but his refusal to back any kind of scientific progress. I must say that I’m with them on this point.

Welcome to my life, lived on the dividing line.