To be read: Richard Trumka: The Lessons of Ohio

Four lessons to remember from Ohio: 1. 2010 didnt mean what you think. via Richard Trumka: The Lessons of Ohio. Related articles Ohio Voters to Kasich: “No, No, No” ( Big Wins Yesterday for the 99% in OHIO! ( Ohio Voters Reject Collective Bargaining Law, Protect Union Workers (

Code Pink on Fox

Watching Medea Benjamin of Code Pink talking with an interviewer on Fox News about Berkeley’s edict against the Marine Corps: Neither woman is listening to the other. They are simply speechifying over each other’s sentences. Why can neither side admit that choices beyond that side’s scope exist?

Talking points

For reasons yet to be discovered, I got out of the house and down to the coffee house before nine o’clock this morning. I snuggled myself down into my usual place on the couch. I then found myself in the midst of a pack of Democrats. Mind you, these are my usual coffee house cohorts Continue reading Talking points

So this is what they use to make Rhodes Scholars out of…

You’d think he’d know that we have very insufficient data on something as complex as the weather to be making such huge pronouncements like “Global warming exists” even… The Zero Point: Bill Clinton, Weatherman: The other day when Bill Clinton, at a Democratic fundraiser in Florida, used the dread of approaching tropical storm Alberto to Continue reading So this is what they use to make Rhodes Scholars out of…