So this is what they use to make Rhodes Scholars out of…

You’d think he’d know that we have very insufficient data on something as complex as the weather to be making such huge pronouncements like “Global warming exists” even…

The Zero Point: Bill Clinton, Weatherman:
The other day when Bill Clinton, at a Democratic fundraiser in Florida, used the dread of approaching tropical storm Alberto to accuse Republicans of being able to control the weather we kind of blew it off as more hot air from a man who really just wishes he were still the president…

For instance, we have….

Global warming claims ‘based on false data’ – Man Made Global Warming Debunking News and Links :
FRESH doubt has been cast on evidence for global warming following the discovery that a key method of measuring temperature change has exaggerated the warming rate by almost 40 per cent.
Click to enlarge Studies of temperature records dating back more than a century have seemed to indicate a rise in global temperature of around 0.5° C, with much of it occurring since the late 1970s. This has led many scientists to believe that global warming is under way, with the finger of blame usually pointed at man-made pollution such as carbon dioxide.

Now an international team of scientists, including researchers from the Met Office in Bracknell, Berkshire, has found serious discrepancies in these temperature measurements, suggesting that the amount of global warming is much less than previously believed.

But it’s been a while since Clinton was in Oxford, I guess.

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