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Following up…

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On my only known New Year’s resolution so far: I am at Chapter XIII of Part III of Volume 1 of War and Peace. I don’t think people even usually get that far in a whole summer’s worth of beach reading, or so I would like to believe. The Battle of Austerliz — one of Napoleon’s best victories — has just started, and my Aztec Hot Chocolate is getting cold! Heaven forbid! Now playing on […]

Merry Joy New Year


So I hope this brand-new note of the new year finds you well, or at least I hope that you’ve quit throwing up now and are starting to rejoin the world of the living. I did not carouse last night, so I am looking insufferably pleased with myself for now. I am celebrating the new year with a toasted walnut latté here at Lookout Joe’s. I have decided that, for days when you have no […]

Return from NYC


We are home now, full of memories (not to mention brand new cold virii) and photographs and a strong resolution to spend vacation time in a warm place. Any warm place. Possibly even Guam. Actually, now that I write it, Guam seems like a good idea. It is an island, and the weather is probably at least different from here. Different is good. Travel is good. I have been traveling so little lately that I […]

Kucinich goes nut-baggy again

Current Affairs

My husband and I have been watching Kucinich’s career since he was “mayor” of Cleveland, which he nearly ruined financially. Trust me, this new business is completely in character with him! Michelle Malkin » Kucinich leads the impeachment circus: Introducing a Cheney impeachment resolution next week Strike up the nutroots band! Impeach-a-palooza is coming to the House floor. Dennis Kucinich announces his plans to introduce a privileged resolution that will bring articles of impeachment against […]

Presbyterians decide against (directly) becoming murderers of Jews

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From a letter I just got… The General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church USA approved the committee motion by a vote of 483 to 28. I wish to extend my appreciation to those who have helped us in the Presbyterian Church USA replace the Israel divestment resolution approved in 2004 with a much more even handed resolution regarding affairs in the Middle East. The exact wording of the approved motion is below. Larry Rued Presbyterian […]

I think I'll name it "Dobby"

electronic life

My new laptop, that is. I possibly am becoming way too addicted to the Harry Potter series. My last computer was/is “Cecy,” after a character in some stories by Ray Bradbury. A house elf sounds good now. Fetch does not seem to want to work, though, so I can’t show you (yet) the picture I took of me admiring my new screen. A camera comes pre-installed in the lid of the thing. Oh joy. Scared […]