Return from NYC

We are home now, full of memories (not to mention brand new cold virii) and photographs and a strong resolution to spend vacation time in a warm place. Any warm place. Possibly even Guam. Actually, now that I write it, Guam seems like a good idea. It is an island, and the weather is probably at least different from here.

Different is good. Travel is good. I have been traveling so little lately that I had forgotten how much I like it — new places, and putting down temporary roots in them.

Anyway, hot tea is here, and I must drink it before it becomes cold.

4 thoughts on “Return from NYC

  1. Found your post via our famous BlogRush widget. I hope it was only the temperature and not the mood that you’ve found cold here in NYC. However, being an overly-seasoned New Yorker, I have a chronically developed love/hate relationship with this place. Maybe I’ll wind-up in Guam myself…but I’ll take coffee over tea.

    Regards From The Big Apple

  2. Hi Michael and Dafna —

    Yes, it was only the temperature that was cold. The people were great — we even got a singing cabby on the way to LGA.

    Will sort through my pics soon!


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