Don't Hire Dr. Deborah Frisch

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water: Don’t Hire Dr. Deborah Frisch (actually a hilarious site about a non-hilarious nutjob) and Joeschmo has a roundup of the current batch of Frisch-related terms and slang.

From Alaa, about his last day in prison

ألف تحية للأخوان … ألف تحية للأخوان … in solidarity with the brotherhood: أناديكم.. أشد على أياديكم وأبوس الأرض تحت نعالكم وأقول أفديكم وأهديكم ضيا عيني ودفئ القلب أعطيكم فمأساتي التي أحيا نصيبي من مآسيكم Who would have thought being released would be more horrific than being detained? the 14 hours I spent in Omraneya Continue reading From Alaa, about his last day in prison