OK, birthday's over

I’m pleased with myself. I’ve managed to drag my fiftieth birthday celebration(s) out over almost two months. I think (know) that I can safely say, enough! (Enough is enough, I hear you all say!) No more celebrating. You can still send me presents, though. I mean, if you want to. Technorati Tags: birthday

Ohio strangeness

Now that I’m back home in Cincinnati, I think that I was possibly safer in Tel Aviv… 2 girls charged in murder plot: COSHOCTON, Ohio – Two girls have been charged with plotting to kill a substitute teacher and several classmates, the fourth time since December that this type of allegation has been reported at Continue reading Ohio strangeness


In the basement of the house where I grew up was a darkroom, complete with a full set of 1950’s era film and photograph processing machinery. All that was lacking, when Dad and I first went down there with the idea of putting some of the stuff to use, was the necessary chemicals. Dad originally Continue reading darkroom


I love not having to worry about problems I wasn’t even aware of… WordPress Development Blog › Don’t Panic! WordPress Is Secure There is news of a worm which uses a vulnerability in the PHPXMLRPC libraries to spread a computer virus. Some articles are pointing to out-of-date information claiming that WordPress 1.5 is vulnerable. That Continue reading Whew!