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Vacation from online


I changed the template, then vanished for three days. Sound logical? Well, I think it does at any rate. I’m favoring this template right now over the one that has been here simply because it uses Matt’s “asides” technique, which I’d love to use on the previous template but it wasn’t in there, and I was too timid to add it. I figure that if a piece of code works, don’t mess with it. I […]

Farewell: Leroy Sievers


Journalist, ‘My Cancer’ Blogger Leroy Sievers Dies : NPR Journalist Leroy Sievers, who covered wars, genocides and natural disasters in more than a dozen countries — and who chronicled life after his cancer diagnosis for NPR on-air and online — died Friday. He was 53. I just went to check on Leroy Sievers’ blog for the weekday-daily update, to find out that he passed away over the weekend. I never knew the man, but the […]

A Monday morning of waiting


Other Patti and I sit here, each waiting for different things and people. I am waiting for the Zoomtown repairman to arrive, whose duty it will be to fix my ADSL connection which has not been connecting for over a month. Good thing I have a cell card for the laptop, I say. Other Patti waits for our window repairman. We have leaded glass windows on the ground floor. The repairman said he had to […]

Old stuff


I just found a slightly older journal of mine, stuck, literally, to the bottom shelf of my nightstand here. It was leather — still is — just a bit scarred at the moment. I seem to go through lots of journals; it’s not that I write fast, but more that I switch journal books mid-stream. I also write a lot on the laptop, currently in a program called VooDoo Pad. It looks like a simple […]

As pink as this place gets


There are several “pink for October” WordPress themes out there just about now, and I did look at them. Honest I did. Most are of good quality — a few overwhelmed me with pinky blogness. The best solution, I figured, was simply to change my template’s header photo. To that end, I headed on over to iStockPhoto and chose the above (as of this writing) lovely roses. While it’s true that my cancer is not […]

Answering a letter

Cancer / Ephemera

I just received a letter from a former professor of mine at Vanderbilt. We’ve kept in touch over the years, but our last exchange of letters was about 5 years ago. He asks how I am. How in the world do I write back and say, “Hi, glad you’re all okay, I have cancer”? That’s just too big of a narrative punch for an opening line. You’ve got to lead up gently to something like […]