A Monday morning of waiting

Other Patti and I sit here, each waiting for different things and people. I am waiting for the Zoomtown repairman to arrive, whose duty it will be to fix my ADSL connection which has not been connecting for over a month. Good thing I have a cell card for the laptop, I say.

Other Patti waits for our window repairman. We have leaded glass windows on the ground floor. The repairman said he had to special order some screws, and that that would be the reason for his delay. You can special order screws? Who knew? This opens a whole new vista for me, where uncertainty lurks in regions where I didn’t even know there were regions.

Good thing I have a cup of tea to contemplate this all with. Peter got me a great heap of green tea for Christmas, so this morning, I am nourished by my own child.