Join the dots: how to think about cars.

A long but good essay on thinking about cars the same way you think about networs… ยป Join the dots Sitting in a soul-destroying traffic jam in Moate the other day, I realised that the design of cars is basically broken:

More food for thought

Or, why you should be careful what you wear, and the mystery of how murderous thugs become fashion statements. Commentary: T-shirt depicts ‘pathetic and brutal legacy’ – How Che became such a revered superhero of the hard-core left is laughable. First of all, he wasn’t even a good revolutionary. He failed in his attempt Continue reading More food for thought

iPhone Rant

I thought to save myself anguish, time, and money by not getting the new iPhone but sticking loyally to the one I already have. So much for that. After the much-advertised software version 2.0 installation, my iPhone and laptop refuse to acknowledge each other’s existence. I refuse to let them get existential on me, so Continue reading iPhone Rant