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The dress


I spent a lot of yesterday going up to Columbus and back with Betsy and Bunny [her mom] and Betsy’s friend Megan to get Betsy’s wedding dress. It is very pretty — strapless and with curved layers of ruffles that I don’t know how to describe. She was looking at veils too but don’t know if she’s made any decisions on it. The dress hangs in my cedar closet right by the box that contains […]

Monday morning, and the engagement news


I am still happily overwhelmed by Peter and Betsy’s official engagement, and am starting to be bewildered by all of what I assume are the traditional worries of a mother-in-law, like “Oh my gawd, how do you plan a wedding, anyway?” Then I remember, with relief, that it’s not the groom’s family that organizes the wedding. One thing that I remember from the time of my own engagement, lo those many years ago into the […]

Wedding weekend


We were all in Hyannis Port this weekend to celebrate the wedding of our niece. I’ve got a few good pictures from it (and many of mediocre quality, alas). Here is our niece at the Sunday brunch, just before she and her new husband left for their honeymoon.