Punishment for being smart

I love it when multinational companies get upset at you if you have more than 4 neurons working at any given time….

SunnComm won’t sue over Shift key

Nope, I didn’t lie. Neither did CNet or Wired. SunnComm, who berated a university student who found a single key depression work around to an apparently not so complex copy protection scheme, has backed down. The protection scheme is one that the creators for some reason confusingly said 90% of people would never try to workaround(then why have it, huh?) and which it claimed three major labels would adopt very soon, was broken by a simply shift key, which I explained disables the copy protection. The company announced today, after apparently taking a lot of heat over slamming this student for his publishing the flaw, trying to claim he had an agenda to ruin the company or something. This, we can hope, is the end of this joke.

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2 thoughts on “Punishment for being smart

  1. I’m convinced that corporations think if you’ve got half a brain you’re going to overthrow them or something. Dumbasses.

  2. SunnComm accused Halderman of wrongdoing for exposing their weak copy protection. “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone”. Is SunnComm without sin?

    In December 2000, SunnComm announced a $20M deal with Will-Shown, who they described as a major Pacific Rim CD Manufacturer.

    SunnComm Inks $20+ Million Copy Protection Deal With Major Pacific Rim CD Manufacturer


    People are asking who is the Will-Shown Technology Company. Why would a CD manufacturer license copy protection? It is not a record label. Why would it commit so much to an untested product by a penny stock with no track record? How could a major Pacific Rim CD manufacturer not have a web site? How come it is not even mentioned on the web by anyone else? The stock price tripled in the days after the announcement. Who can find Will-Shown and clear up the mystery? A major Pacific Rim CD Manufacturer couldn’t just vanish like that, could it?

    SunnComm was previously named Desert Winds Entertainment. The SEC found a little problem with them: http://www.sec.gov/litigation/complaints/complr17462.htm

    Paloma appointed Jacobs as president and Jacobs, who accused Halderman of wrong doing, was the person responsible for the Will-Shown press release.

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