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Something new to check out over on Israpundit… I never thought I’d be angry about bias in media, but here I am. Ah, well. The whole thing is over on their website.

The truth is buried in the Palestinian tunnels.

Barry Shaw, who writes, The View from Here, sent us this interesting post.

This week the media displayed Palestinians being rushed to hospitals after being shot by Israeli soldiers as the troops searched for smuggling tunnels.

Conclusion: Brutal Israelis were killing and injuring innocent Palestinians on the pretext that they were looking for holes in the ground.

The facts: As part of ongoing activities to uncover and prevent weapons smuggling in tunnels along the Egypt-Israel border, I.D.F. forces entered the Rafah area on 23rd December. During these operations soldiers carried out searches in a residential building and discovered a tunnel 800 meters in length and 17 meters deep. I.D.F. forces destroyed this tunnel. During the operation, heavily armed terrorists surrounded the soldiers and opened fire on the troops. This was not a minor skirmish.

The Palestinian terrorists fired 15 anti-tank missiles, hurled dozens of grenades, as well as attacking with close weapons fire. In the exchange, several Palestinian terrorists were killed and injured.The IDF captured large amounts of weapons and explosives.

This gives a slightly different complexion on the event, don’t you think?