colors of the day

I need bright colors around me now, perhaps especially because they are hard to find in the middle of winter. Winter may have just started according to the rigid calendar and the nice people at the Directorate of Time, but it’s been going on a while. I believe that I can date the beginning of winter every year to my first refusal to believe that it’s on the way.

The sun is shining and gorgeous, but on a passel of barren trees, it can only do so much.

In my desire for more color, I even tried to redesign the website on the fly, but fortunately for all of us, I kept backups. See?

Send colors… Reds and oranges and yellows. And maybe a bright green.

One thought on “colors of the day

  1. I’ve e-mailed you some bright colors of winter from Down East Maine…They’re there if you know where to look for them, in this case in early morning with the barren forest backlit by a rising sun.

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