The conundrums of a convert

Okay, I’m confused. I’ve just been, like all good would-be Jews, getting my menorah out of the cabinet in preparation for the upcoming holiday. But tonight, I noticed, as I hadn’t before, a small tag on its bottom.

“Keep away from flammable materials.”

Okay, you already-Jewish people surfing through here… how in heck am I supposed to light those little candles if I can’t get the menorah hear flammable materials?! 😕

[Yes, I know it means, like, “don’t thrust this into a blast furnace and expect it to still look like a menorah.” It just struck me as very odd, that’s all.]

One thought on “The conundrums of a convert

  1. I think it actually means “don’t put this right next to flammable curtains that may catch on fire from the flame of the candles,” but, yes, it is pretty funny.

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