Maple trees… or, What happens when I take a day off

Sisu alerts me to right-wing shrillness (I almost wrote “wackos”)…

sisu: Sometimes a grove of maples is just a grove of maples:
Whether of the left or or the right, conspiracy theories and evocations of evil forces lurking in the shadows — reminiscent of medieval witchhunting — have no place in measured political discourse.

Hey, who’s going to look at it from the air? You can see too much symbolism in things, which is what a few of my fellow conservative-type bloggers are doing nowadays, at least on this Flight 93 Memorial issue.

Trees is trees. Guys, they’re going to be green when they’re planted. OK, red for a while, but only for a couple of weeks each September. Along with every other maple tree on the continent.

People ought to be able to tell the difference between a diagram and the thing diagrammed.

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