OSM etc

I haven’t blogged about the OSM fluffball that Everyone Else has because, well, I just don’t care. But I think it’s funny, too. Especially in light of this headline on their main page today: “What should Pajamas Media be?” If they don’t know by now, they’re in deep trouble.

However, here’s a funny bit about the whole mess…

moxie: Carnival of the Bloated Egos #1:
Carnival of the Bloated Egos #1

As promised, I stopped a random neighbor this morning and asked her, “I’m sorry to bother you as you are picking up the enormous turd your horse-sized dog has left on my lawn….but do you know who Roger L. Simon is?”

It actually pains me to share her answer with you all, for free…I could have milked an investor or two for some dough.

“WHO?” she asked.

“You know, Roger L. Simon!!!,” I said with feigned excitement.

“Oh yeah! Okay. No. No clue.”


“Is this someone I should know?”

“No, I suppose not.”