Much talk about privacy and civil liberties, especially vis a vis their impact, real or imagined, upon national security.

I already know Big Brother is watching. This fact has, curiously, ceased to bother me. Let him watch.

What it boils down to for me is this:
Do you have the courage to say what you think and believe, regardless of who is watching?

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2 thoughts on “Privacy

  1. Our rights and freedoms are important, but so is our safety. How do you feel about the admission by the Pentagon that domestic spying has been going on for some time in America? Do you feel protected or do you feel violated? Is there, and can there, ever be a balance between protection and privacy? Is the president taking advantage of our civil liberties or is he just more remembering of how tragic the events were when the terrorists took advantage of American trusts and freedoms? Have we forgotten how painful the tragedy is when we are not prepared?
    Many are concerned by the news that the US Defense Department is intensifying domestic intelligence collection on individuals in the domestic United States. There have been proposed moves to additionally increase the military’s domestic intelligence activities from its current levels. The policy was originally enacted as a response to the tragic events regarding the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.
    According to a recent Washington Post article, it was stated that, “ The Pentagon formerly focused on protecting its US bases and military operations, Pentagon intelligence collection inside the United States has already expanded to cover broader terrorist threats to the country.”
    Many ACLU activists strongly oppose this maneuver as a violation of our civil rights, opposing positions advise that the policy is enacted to investigate most individuals who are not actually legalized permanent citizens of the United States anyways.
    The ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) feels that by allowing the spying to go on we are acquiescing to a slippery slope from which we may lose a lot more of our freedoms of privacy.
    Raymond B

  2. The thing is, I feel neither protected nor violated.

    As for the president, I have no idea what he’s doing…

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