How Hamas defines "moderate"

Israpundit » Blog Archive » Hamas Threatens Israel with the Chemical Weapons They Amassed While They Where Moderating:
Presumably, they amassed these chemical weapons during the last few months that the international press kept reporting on their impending “moderation” (lots of moderates amass chemical weapons – haven’t you heard?) At this point, we’d post links to the LA Times, New York Times, and State Department sophisticates who have been droning endlessly about how Hamas can be talked into not being unrepentant terrorists (or, frankly, to Jimmy Carter’s idiocy). But it wouldn’t do any good – it’s not like the Palestinian public hasn’t been more or less steadfast in its rejectionism for the last decade and a half. And it’s not like opinion makers in the West haven’t been willing to shut their eyes and pretend otherwise.

The endless insistence that Israel is the roadblock to peace in the Middle East has never been grounded in any rational analysis. It’s fair to ask what it is grounded in.

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