Reusable Headline of the Day: Liberals Blame Bush for Everything

Hey, maybe I can use that silly headline again. What do you think are the odds of that? Pretty good, I’d say.

But this is for those of you who might not be convinced that liberals will blame Bush for literally everything, even things that it is impossible for him to have either done or influenced. See, you were wrong!

Morning Coffee » Blog Archive » Kos Kids calling the Brit Terror Plot the Bush admin response to Lieberman loss
I knew it wouldn’t take long for the conspiracy theorist Kids at Kos to somehow blame Bush for the British Terror Plot… Their theory is that since Joe Llieberman lost his primary election yesterday to the and Michael Moore Candidate Ned Lamont that Bush or Karl Rove somehow manipulated British Intelligence and Scotland yard into revealing the terror plot. The motive the Kos kids claim is to drive up the fear factor and stem any momentum from Lamonts win in Ct.

One thought on “Reusable Headline of the Day: Liberals Blame Bush for Everything

  1. Thanks for the trackback,

    Libs would blame Bush for the extinction of the Donosaurs if they could… Likely claim he did it for the oil..


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