Continental Drift, and me

It used to be that, when I’d first arrive in Boulder, it would not only not be difficult to get to sleep, but I’d have a difficult time waking up, and staying awake. Not so any longer: I lay awake for hours contemplating the geographical processes which formed the Madison Limestone formation outside my window, and which hence formed the entire Front Range. Then, I ponder whether the Rockies themselves are still being formed, as are the Himalayas, or not.

Continental drift — the thing to put you to sleep for sure.

Did you know that North America and Europe are moving apart? They are, at about the same speed that your fingernails grow, thanks to the Mid-Atlantic Rift.

I tend to think about these things when trying to fall asleep.

A yucky day here in Boulder CO. I saw no sign today of our newest resident today, the guy who confessed to killing JonBenet Ramsey. Then again, I did not look for him, or any signs of the impending court stuff.

I think I blog better about continental drift and plate tectonics. I know for certain that I prefer it to dwelling on the horrific killing of a little girl. I do feel a relief that justice is showing up in my lifetime, even if it’s justice for a wrong that had nothing whatsoever to do with me.