Yet another reason to be glad I run OSX

From The Cult of Mac… Shut Down in Vista: Nine Choices:

Every couple of years Microsoft will come forward and really make the play that they’ve learned from past experiences, and they finally have gotten religion with user-centered design. Well, allow Joel Spolsky to differ on that point.

You see, in creating the shut-down feature for Windows Vista, MS has thrown nine, count them, NINE, choices in to the mix. In addition to two icons representing power-off and lock, users get to go with “Switch User,” “Log Off,” “Lock,” “Restart,” “Sleep,” “Hibernate” or “Shut Down.” Oh, yeah, that’s exactly what people have been begging for.

Choice = Headaches [Joel on Software]
Via BusinessWeek

2 thoughts on “Yet another reason to be glad I run OSX

  1. I give them points for letting you get to “shutdown” without first clicking “start,” anymore.

    OK, so it’s one thing right, and eight wrong, but still.

    Baby steps.

  2. I agree, they need to take baby steps. But then again, Bill’s been following in Steve’s footsteps for over twenty years now. Maybe he should take his training wheels off…

    Patti, who hates using mixed metaphors, but can’t think of a better one now.

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