Month: March 2007

hump day


I hope you all had a lovely weekend and Monday. I myself spent that time period back in the hospital. Please, no gasps of horror! I’d had Buck go to the grocery store last week and get some of those salads that they always have back in the deli case somewhere: tuna, chicken, egg salad. With the accompanying mayonnaise-based dressings, they all looked surprisingly similar to each other. Two days’ worth of ever increasing queasiness, […]

Warblers and spring

Ephemera / Natural world

I have satisfactorily reassured myself that I did not miss my favorite sign of Spring while I was in the hospital: the blossoming of the local redbud trees. It’s our neighbors who have them in spades, not us. For a few days, though, we have clouds of deep pink blooms seemingly floating through the air before their green leaf buds take over the show. It seems like a trivial thing to miss when you’re fighting […]

Baked potatoes are a feast.


The baked potato that I just ate half of was quite a feast — tasted much better than tube feeding, of course. Also was the most volume of non-liquid stuff I’ve eaten since surgery. Just bake you your potato, and put on some margarine and salt and pepper. There you go. You can fluff it up into nice, little bites which are easy to eat. Now that I’ve done this, though, I may have to […]

In my own habitat, again!


I was tired of writing “home again,” so there. I have ensconced myself in the TV room, so Buck can have some downtime from being a caregiver. Also, I can run the TV any time I want to! This is very important for any convalescence. I’d insisted on two extra days at the hospital, and I’m so very glad that I did. I am more capable around the house (well, the part of the house […]

Hi, Guys!


I’m sort of back. I look like a piece of road-kill, with about 3 (big) incisions and a few minor ones. The doctors say that I look like a very good piece of road-kill, except I have to start eating more. I never did eat much, as Ruben can agree with, and now my tummy is smaller, more streamlined, and very confused. Anyway, no pictures yet. More later as I get to it. But thanks […]

The last, for a while


The birthday again. 51. Again, I am a prime number. I rather like being a prime number, but I don’t know why. This morning, I spent a couple of hours at University Hospital speaking with a few people in the anesthesiology department, getting a lot of information-gathering out of the way in preparation for tomorrow. We went over what’s going to happen, and what I’m taking, and what I’m allergic to, etc. I am clear […]