Month: March 2007

Saturday morning with pineapple upside-down cake


I am out here at Panera, taking in some of their wonderful free WiFi for my own nefarious uses. If blogging is considered “nefarious.” Which I consider it to be, if just to sound contrary because it’s Saturday morning, and I feel like sounding contrary. We are out this morning, as every Saturday morning, Buck and I, here at Panera, with our friend Julie Isphording. She is a former Olympian, one of the members of […]

Er, no more gray/grey


Because I found a decent theme with a picture. What’s with all this? Well, the latest upgrade of WordPress broke my favorite theme, and I’ve been looking for a good one since. Also, I have major surgery in a few days and this is one thing I can control: my blog’s theme. Also, choosing a blog theme has to be one of the more inconsequential things of my life. I’m sick of the things of […]

Cool gray (grey)


I’ve always preferred the British way of spelling the color gray, with an “e”: grey. It seems to be a “grayer” way of spelling the word. And it is common to say that one wishes to avoid the grays in one’s life, to stick with the more emphatic blacks and whites. Or, if one is more philosophical, one might wish to say that one appreciates and even prefers the shades of gray in one’s life, […]