The last, for a while

The birthday again. 51. Again, I am a prime number. I rather like being a prime number, but I don’t know why.

This morning, I spent a couple of hours at University Hospital speaking with a few people in the anesthesiology department, getting a lot of information-gathering out of the way in preparation for tomorrow. We went over what’s going to happen, and what I’m taking, and what I’m allergic to, etc. I am clear on what they will give me, and when, and why.

I hate the waiting. Why can’t we do it now? I can’t really get into being the desperately happy birthday girl today, even though my friends are coming this evening for dinner and Stupid Television.

Right now, I have a pretty bad martial arts movie on, with Michelle Yeoh in it. She deserves a better movie, I think. At least, she deserves a better wig.

Time now to want to curl up inside and wait silently. 3:03 PM.

Signing off until after surgery. See y’all later…

7 thoughts on “The last, for a while

  1. Patti is doing amazing. All of the tubes have been removed, except for the pain button, good news. She is uncomfortable with the incision on her back.
    Just yesterday she was able to have her first drink of anything in a week. I will see her tonight, and plan on taking her a copy of all of your comments.
    She was very happy to know that you have been staying in touch.

    Thanks all of you.
    Other Patti

  2. Saw Patti today and spinal block has also been removed. I think this was a difficult day and hope that tomorrow is better for her.

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