Sundry conspiracy theories

Other Patti, Our Friend Sally, and I have just watched two very different movies. One was the stalwart and canonical western, Red River, with John Wayne and Montgomery Clift and Walter Brennan. That was a very satisfying movie, with an actual cattle drive in the middle of it — had to be, the way they kept getting all of those shots. This movie, however, promises no conspiracies, and delivers on their promise.

But I put up the “conspiracies” title, and I’ll stick to it, because the second movie we watched was The Number 23 with Jim Carrey not doing any comedy bits, not even dark comedy like in The Truman Show. Itn was visually stunning, which was why I went along with it, and Other Patti and Our Friend Sally got into the conspiracy bit. But I figured it’s just tricks with mathematics — you can find a number anywhere you want, and mess around with it until it becomes what you want it to become. Then you declare yourself cursed by a prime number (which is actually not an entity in its own right) and there you go.