Day of Labor.

The sun has not yet cleared an eastern hill, so that it doesn’t yet light up every tree in the yard yet, so it feels as though I’m up terribly early, and am setting some sort of awakened record. The truth is, however, any number of people are already up and at their days.

Speaking of Labor Day, which I wasn’t, really, I am currently reading a book, Touchstone, which is written around the great labor (or “labour”) uprising in Britain in 1926, commonly referred to as the Great Strike. However, since Britain is not now, nor ever has been, under communist government (which was rather the aim of the whole thing), you can guess just how effective that all was.

Still and all, it provides an exciting background to an excellent book. Read that one if you can’t find a picnic to go to today. Or, even if you can. ‘Tis a good book.