Cuil is a total failure

I don’t know what made the producers of Cuil (no link on purpose) think they could be a “Google-killer,” but they neglected the part wherein their product actually has to work.

This morning, I tried searching on “esophageal cancer” to see what it would turn up. I got lists of “links” in certain categories; the categories were rather appropriate to the search. But, the links weren’t links. I had to go to a sub-page if I wanted the links to be clickable.

Here was the problem. Clicking on a link to a sub-page sent my browser into hijacked purgatory. I not only didn’t get the page of links, but got sent to those spurious sorts of pages that tell you that you have viruses, and would you like to buy their virus detection software?

I’ll not be going back to Cuil. Not unless I feel like being ad-spammed again.

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2 thoughts on “Cuil is a total failure

  1. Why did you even bother? Google is like Tide – better than you can imagine.

    I’m more interested in your take on the new Google browser. Is Firefox not all the browser one needs?

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