The year, thawing

Yesterday afternoon, the weather was not only sunny but warm, around 70℉. I could, for the first time this year, open the windows of the house, and the sun-roof of my car. This provided a break in my usual pattern of thinking — usual for February — that says that it will always be cold, that going outside, you always have to make a sacrifice of warmth and comfort.

Perhaps it was just my happy mood, but everyone seemed to have rolled down their windows and opened their sunroofs. I could view other cars on the road primarily as people who just were temporarily in cars, and not simply as metallic objects that I had to avoid hitting somehow. Spring is turning the world into a more personal space. I can see people now, not just ambulatory piles of winter coverings. Some even look familiar.

This is especially promising since, in a little over two months, I will be in the middle of my __th high school reunion. We have been gathering electronically over on Facebook; therefore, I am actually using my Facebook account for once. Peter has informed me that I am on the site a little too often. I know, but it’s just for two months.