Sunny downtown Boulder

I am blogging to you from a very rainy downtown Boulder. It should be sunny. Sunny is what I signed up for. Maybe a cloud or two when it snows. Not this chilly damp, which I thought that I left at home in Cincinnati.

However, here I am, trying another independent coffee house which offers free WiFi. There are many of these in Boulder, each full of people like me drinking lattés and staring intently at glowing screens. It being Boulder, most of the screens bear an Apple logo. Boulder is that sort of city, which is very fine by me.

Current coffee house is called The Cup. It is independent, as are Saxy’s and The Laughing Goat, both of which I also frequent. It is a bit frowned upon by the local intelligentsia to go to a chain coffee house. The work of one’s hands (which one assumes goes on, with the roasting of the beans etc.) being noble, and all of that sort of thing. Since this is a college town, there are lots of superfluous intelligentsia hanging around soaking up the caffeine, and so much discussion goes on as to which coffee house is best. There is even a blog for those who want to read about the controversies.

As you might guess, there are many coffee houses of the independent type in Boulder. My own estimate is that there is one independent coffee house for every twenty citizens of Boulder. In other estimates of mine, there is also one sushi bar and one yoga school for every thirty citizens. I still haven’t gotten into the yoga yet, which makes me about the only un-fit person here. Physical fitness is required of all citizens. Some day they’re gonna find me out.

Until then, I will keep on hoping the sun comes back soon.

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