Departure: Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs
Image by acaben via Flickr

Sad at the resignation of Steve Jobs. I bought my first computer, an Apple ][, back in December of 1982 after my niece and nephew got one for Christmas and had to show it to me after dinner. I had to be dragged away from it at midnight, and was at the computer store the next day.

I had one of the first Macintoshes out, back when they didn’t come with hard drives installed and you had to load the operating system into it via floppy disks. The 5.25″ kind. The magazine ads featured its screen covered with an amazing (at the time) graphic: the picture of a geisha brushing out her hair. I have tried to find that image online for a couple of years, but have never managed to locate it.

A special poignancy of the resignation is that the resignation is almost certainly to do with his health issues. Nobody wants to see another person lose to cancer, but even more so if you yourself are a survivor.

Always the nagging knowledge that there is always an end.

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  1. I do, but it won’t necessarily be bad. The guy that’s replacing him has done much if not most of the day-to-day stuff these past couple of years.

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