I now stand in line: #Mailboxapp

I now, for reasons not clear even to myself, decided after all to step into the great electronic line for the new Mailbox app that is supposed to be the very greatest and latest miracle program. It’s also free, so that makes me seem less impulsive.

And not only is it free, it shows me exactly where in line I am as to having my account activated.

It promises to organize my life through the miracle of an empty inbox, which will be very satisfactory but which I find a little hard to believe for a program that only runs on the iPhone. I shouldn’t underestimate a machine, though, just because it’s tiny.

I am, after all, writing now on an 11″ MacBook Air, which raises no eyebrows here in the coffee houses of Boulder. Yet 50 years ago, this piece of machinery would have astonished the chiefs of IT in all of the armed forces and its existence (and mine) would be hidden under the highest levels of government security. So, that which astonishes us changes quickly. I will quit being astonished.