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When people say “Forgive,” I think they must mean release. After all, I can’t forget all of the mean girls of the past. My memory is way too clingy, and anyway the more I try to forget something, the more I remember it.

Let it go. Let it have happened. Let it roll off of me like I have learned how to do with so many other things that I can’t do anything about. Straighten the back, straighten the shoulders, relax. The bullying actually took nothing away from me. Constant remembering causes me pain.

With this season of various reunions in my life — high school, summer camp — it appears that I am the only one who remembers the pain that happened to me, that I thought everyone saw. That the pain was neither permanent nor necessary and will drift off into the past out of reach if I let it.

Five Minute Friday

5 thoughts on “Release #FiveMinuteFriday #FMFriday

  1. It’s hard to forgive when you cannot forget, but I like the idea of release as a better word for forgiveness. We try to release ourselves from the pain but not forget that that pain has made us into the people we are today, for better or worse (hopefully, the latter…).

  2. Whoops…I meant, the former (better)! Why do I always mix those up?!? Have a great day!

  3. the past has a way of turning up when we least expect it and it brings with it all of those feelings. I understand. Release is a good way to look at it! (never been to one hs reunion myself) Visiting from FMF! May God truly bless this day!

  4. Visiting from FMF, “The best revenge is to live well”. I think that quote came from one of the Greek Philosophers but try to find that on the web, gah!

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