Lost: #FMFriday #FiveMinuteFriday

It’s easy to get lost because it’s always easy to forget where you are. Lost is what you get when you’re looking at a memory of where you have been instead of looking at where you are right now. Lost is what you have when you begin to regret where you have been instead of honoring each step of your way. Lost is where you are when you begin to judge the steps of your past.

I’ve regretted a lot of the steps that I have taken in my life — currently among the top ten are the steps I took that once led me to visit Israel eight times in five years long ago. But I still have the memory of the country in my head, and I realize that I am glad that I have been there. For whatever the reason.

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  1. My husband went to Israel last year and fell in love with it. We are planning to go in 2015. I can’t wait to see Israel through his eyes. Stopping in from FMF.

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