the day after

You know what I find most surprising about this day after Christmas? That it’s so normal. Everything has snapped back to the way it was a week ago, before most of the hysteria had set in. “How was your Christmas?” now replaces “Are you ready for Christmas?” as the desired season-specific greeting question. I sit Continue reading the day after

Merry Day!

Buck’s got his new iPod and I’m busy stuffing’s books onto it for him. Peter’s torn through his pile, and I relax before I have to start heating edibles. Edibles, not audibles. I must remember that… While I do, y’all have a very Merry Sixth Day of Hanukkah!


I’ve just come back from shopping at Kroger’s for tomorrow, and here’s what I got: – Angostura bitters and sugar cubes, for the champagne – vodka, lime juice, Cointreau, and cranberry juice, for Cosmopolitans – brandy, for the eggnog – whipping cream, for the pie Yes, we already have food. Any more nasty remarks, and Continue reading shopping!