It's war!!

You gotta love ’em. Seriously. I do. Internet Group Anonymous Declares “War on Scientology” (PRLog.Org) – Jan 21, 2008 – CLEARWATER, Florida – Anonymous announced their intention to combat the activities of the Church of Scientology on Monday. A spokesperson said that the group’s goals include bringing an end to the financial exploitation of Church Continue reading It's war!!

Just in case you weren't paying attention before.

Esophageal Cancer – Page 8 Prevention methods for esophageal cancer It is not always possible to prevent esophageal cancer. However, certain lifestyle changes can reduce a person’s risk of developing this disease. These include: Quitting smoking. Tobacco smoke contains carcinogens that damage the DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) that regulates cell growth. In addition, smoking is a leading cause Continue reading Just in case you weren't paying attention before.

Listening in

Here’s from Hot Air: Press hates NSA data mining; public, not so much: The media is aghast but the rabble stubbornly cling to their belief that (a) there might just be something to this terrorism thing, and (b) fighting it with a mass eavesdropping program is okay if the program doesn’t actually involve, you know, Continue reading Listening in

Charoset recipe

Time to get ready for Passover! In that vein, here is a recipe just received from a friend… 6 apples, cored & sliced 2 cups dark raisins – soaked in hot water until soft (sometimes I do the same with dried apricots) 16 oz. walnuts, chopped small 1 cup dark Manischewitz wine Chop or grate Continue reading Charoset recipe